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Friday, 29 July 2011

Nuchal test results

Julia rang as promised and she was very pleased to say that everything looks absolutely fine! Julia said that just going off my age my risks were 1 in 900 which were pretty good to start with but after all the tests the result have come back as  1 in 18,000! This is fantastic! So far so good we will have to wait for the next scan to be sure that everything is developing as it should. It’s a bit like having a carrot dangled things are ok so far but we’ve just got to wait that little bit longer till the next scan to get more answers! I’m sure when it comes to the next one they’ll move the goal posts again and I’ll have to wait for something else (probably till baby pops out and we can all see for ourselves!)

Friday, 15 July 2011

12 Week scan!

The 12 week mark has finally been reached and we're all off to Baby premier for our next scan!
Emily has escaped from school early so she's very excited to be able to see her little brother or sister swimming around in mummy's tummy!

When we arrived at the clinic Julia soon came to greet us again, and it wasn't long before she found our little baby squirming around! Julia carefully explained everything while she took all the measurements to make sure everything was in order. To our surprise Julia found that our baby is actually 13.5 weeks not 12. We had decided to have the Nuchal scan just to give us extra peace of mind during the pregnancy. Julia showed us the blood flow around the babies body and measured the fluid around the babies neck. She advised us that everything seemed normal but the additional blood test would help to give a better idea at the risk of our baby having Down's syndrome, they also test for Edward's syndrome and Patau's syndrome. Julia advised us that the results would take a week to come back and that she would ring me with the results.

We're all amazed after seeing our tiny baby wriggling around Emily especially she keeps wiggling my tummy thinking it'll make the baby move! Julia was wonderful AGAIN! and we can't thank her enough!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Too fat for my clothes HELP!!

Well I've given in I can't possibly squeeze myself into my old pants anymore! So I've had to reach for my good old comfy maternity pants! I'd forgotten how comfy they were, it's been so long! why have I tortured myself into squeezing into my old pants for so long?! I've got a friends birthday night out coming up and god knows what on earth I'm going to wear! Do they make tents all sparkly and pretty these days?! I desperately need to find some nice maternity clothes for going out etc but everywhere seems to be boring casual clothes! HELP!!! Any suggestions desperately needed and very welcome!
I don't remember having to wear maternity clothes this early last time I hope this isn't some sort of elephant I'm going to end up giving birth to!