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Saturday, 25 June 2011

It Starts!

So as you may well have guessed from the title I'm pregnant! For the 2nd time, the first being some 7 years ago now! It's funny how time flies, and how you kid yourself that it was only two minutes ago since you gave birth to the last one! All those vivid memories which now I need to remember seem to have just disappeared!
I am currently 10 weeks pregnant so I'm a little late in starting this, but hey better late than never right?!
Paul and I found out on the day of my beautiful God son's Christening day. What a day it was!
Anyone that knows me, knows I'm crap at keeping secrets and can't lie to save my life! So it has been torture trying to keep my mouth shut for so long! As you may well guess keeping it quiet was Pauls idea!
We had a few chuckles to ourselves at the christening as people were taking pics of what has been the three of us for the last 6 years and making comments like "oh that's a great picture of the 3 of you!" and me thinking if only you knew!
Well I lasted a week before I managed to pressurise Paul into telling our parents. I felt as they were about to become grandparents for the third time they had a right to know. Our family were over the moon! They all knew it was something we'd wanted for a while so they were really pleased for us.

I hope you'll follow our progress over the next nine months!

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