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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Dating and viability scan...

I know this is a bit late as I'm 10weeks now but I thought I would just update you on what's been happening over the last few weeks!

From around 5 and a half weeks I had some light bleeding, something that I can remember having with my first pregnancy. Whilst it was a little comforting that I had experienced this previously it seemed to be a bit more than last time, so I went to see my GP. He explained that it is very common and is usually nothing to worry about but as I wasn't yet 6 weeks if I went for a scan nothing would show yet. So as usual he advised me to take things easy and if it gets worse or hasn't stopped in a week to come back and he'd send me for a scan.
Mean while my mum advised me to have one of these dating a viability scans. So she booked me in with Baby Premier as they specialised in all forms of baby scans.
So after the 6 weeks I went not expecting to be able to see very much at all! The Sonographer Julia was lovely, she was very friendly and went through everything with me. She quickly found our baby, she measured everything and confirmed my dates were correct. Although it didn't look like a baby Julia was able to find the heart beat and we listened to that. It was amazing to hear a heart beat from something so tiny!
Julia gave us copies of the pictures she took during the scan.
Overall it was a wonderful experience as Emily got to find out there actually was a baby in mummy's tummy. It was wonderful to see it actually sinking in that she was going to be a big sister after all, the excitement that followed was priceless!
We all just can't wait to go back for the next one!

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