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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Have I just lost touch?

Forgive me if I’m wrong in questioning myself maybe I’ve completely lost touch in the last 6 years but I need some help!
I have a friend who has a two year old daughter. Her daughter was born 2 months premature. Now as my daughter was full term obviously I have no experience on this front. Reading other peoples stories and experiences my friend seemed to have got away quite lightly. Although it was unfortunate and Lucy was in hospital for some time before she was allowed home, when she was discharged there was nothing physically wrong with Lucy she was in good health. Over the last two years she has undergone regular check-ups at the hospital and every time they have been very pleased with her development and progress, so much so she was discharged 6 months earlier than expected.
Now since her birth my friend has wrapped her up in cotton wool, which to be honest I’m sure I probably would have done if it had been my child. As her daughter was born 2 months premature, when she reached her first birthday she was still treated as if she was only 10 months old not 12.  
After meeting my friend for lunch the other day and I came away not quite sure what to think. Now Lucy is two she is still sleeping at least 14 hours a day some days more!  Most days she goes to bed at 4:30pm and doesn’t wake up till the next morning. She’s still so tired she has a morning sleep around 10:00am and then another after lunch.
Something else that concerned me was the fact she was given a jar of baby food for 4months+! Am I right in thinking there is something wrong here?! Surely a two year old should be eating proper food now. Surely she won’t be getting the nutrients she requires as an active two year old from a jar of stage 1 baby food.
I have wondered about her sleeping habits for some time now, now I’m wondering is there a reason for the tiredness?!
After all it is some 6 years since I had my daughter but I do have other friends with children of similar ages and their routine etc. is completely different.
Can feeding a 2 year old baby food like that do them any harm?

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