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Saturday, 6 August 2011

My Saturday night!

Well who'd have thought it when I reached 30 I'd be spending my saturday night sat tapping away on my blog amidst adding items for sale on Ebay. Meanwhile I have two Zombies (aka hubby & Emily) sat watching Scooby Doo DVD's! I now have the theme tune to Scooby Doo implanted into my head so much so I can't help but sing along! There's certainly no hope for my sofa with all this zombie chasing going on, Emily's diving all over the place! The only words spoken have been "hurry up Scooby!" No response to any of my questions! I'm getting more response off our deaf dog!
There's no hope for me is there?!
I'm absolutely exhausted today for some reason, I thought you were supposed to get your energy back during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy?! Then again I never had much energy before I was pregnant in the first place.
Some days I'm mentally and physicall exhausted with my MS yet I haven't really felt like that during my first trimester with this pregnancy. Maybe I hadn't noticed it as much because I'm so used to feeling exhausted all the time that I've just got used to it after so many years.
I think I might sneak off to bed with a hot chocolate I'm sure these two zombies wont noticed!
Night everyone.

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  1. Hi Sara
    Congratulations on your second pregnancy. I hope that everything goes well for you this time round. I will keep checking in on your blog to see how you are getting along! Keep writing!